National Pool of Consultants: English Content Writer (Contract Work)

The Fund for Railway Accidents Involving Designated Goods (the Fund) is currently looking to create a pool of English content writers – contract work, on an ad hoc basis.

This requirement is to establish and maintain a national list of English content writers who would be contracted by the Fund to work on ad hoc projects and/or to complement in-house resources.

Types of Assignments

Reporting to the Director of the Fund and to the Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Officer (Corporate Services), the English content writer will work closely with subject matter experts to produce high-profile communications products.

As the English content writer, your responsibilities will be for drafting, writing, reviewing, editing scripts, PowerPoint presentations, website content and other communications materials for the team as needed—and providing thoughtful, relevant communications advice in the development of these materials. You will work closely with the Communications Officer to ensure the Fund’s messages are clear, consistent across all platforms, accessible (plain language) and timely.

You will also be asked to identify any issues, challenges, needs and potential problems to be resolved when writing and revising strategic documents that will have a significant impact on the Fund's image and brand to ensure the results meet expectations.

In addition, you may be asked to collaborate on the development of other external communications content for diverse audiences on the Fund’s digital platforms, such as plain language, website content, blog-style articles and educational pieces, and social media content.


  • excellent communications skills—oral and written
  • experience writing scripts, speeches and creating presentations
  • excellent command and range of content creation tools, including PowerPoint
  • extensive writing and content development experience
  • proven ability to write for different audiences and different platforms
  • master of English grammar and syntax
  • experience translating complex concepts into concise and easy-to-understand articles
  • ability to self-direct and effectively manage priorities, working under pressure and with tight deadlines
  • ability to quickly understand and learn new information
  • adaptable to change, seeking innovative solutions to problems

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in English, literature, journalism, publishing, communications, public relations, marketing or related subjects and a minimum of three years of experience in the communications field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Samples of writing abilities will be requested.


  • knowledge of, and experience communicating about transportation and railway issues
  • sound knowledge of the media environment


This is a project-based contract position.

This position is remote, and the desired candidate can be located anywhere within Canada.


The Fund will provide necessary training, guidance and reference material to assist selected applicants in completing related tasks.


Applying candidates are asked to include their salary rates, for consideration.

About the Office of the Administrator

In addition to the Fund for Railway Accidents Involving Designated Goods (Rail Fund), the Office of the Administrator also manages the Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund (Ship Fund). The Ship compensates victims of oil pollution from ships in Canadian waters. The Rail Fund compensates victims of rail accidents involving crude oil, in the event that damages exceed railway liability limits.

Each of the two Funds has its own dedicated staff and is managed as a separate entity. They are supported by a shared corporate services team. Approximately 20 employees, consultants and students occupy a single office location in downtown Ottawa. Employees come to the Funds with a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, including finance, law, marine and rail expertise, communications, information management, and administration.

Additional information on the Funds can be found on the website:

The National Pool of Consultants

When the need arises for a certain type and level of expertise for a given project, the Administrator’s Office will determine which consultants in the bank qualify for the project and will send a Request for Proposal to the most relevant ones (please note that Requests for Proposals could still be sent to potential resources that are not part of the pool). Hourly or per word rate should be included in the submission.

Each year, the consultants listed in the pool will be contacted to update their profile. Consultants who want to be removed from the pool can do so at any time.

Each assignment to a consultant will be set out in a separate contract. Depending on the assignment, language, security clearance, or potential conflicts of interest may be essential conditions of the contract.

How to Join the Pool of Consultants

If you are interested in joining the pool, please register, using the following form and attach your CV and any other relevant document. You will receive an acknowledgement that you have been added to the pool. Questions on the position should be directed, in writing, to

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    File Upload

    You may attach all necessary files here. File formats that are accepted are .pdf, .txt, .doc and .docx. Max 35-150 MB file size for email and attachment(s).

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